• Michelle Hebert

YouTuber Lilly Singh lands a role in the new "Fahrenheit 451"

A well-known YouTuber, Lilly Singh, was casted to play a role in a remake of “Fahrenheit 451.” The film follows the story of a town where books are burned and history is outlawed.

CBC News stated that this is “her first major acting role”; the news story also said, “the opportunity landed in her lap while she was touring Australia last month to promote her new book.” Singh is a well-known video blogger in the YouTube community, so her role as a video blogger is very similar to her in real life besides the books being illegal part.

According to Variety, Singh will play Raven, the role of a video blogger working with the fire department with the job “to spread the ministry’s propaganda by broadcasting their book-burning raids to fans.” The character Raven was not a role in the original book.

Whereas the original film version of “Fahrenheit 451” was released in theaters, the new HBO remake will be a television film.

Besides being a film, “Fahrenheit 451” also is a book originally published in 1953. Ray Bradbury wrote the book about books being illegal; in the story they are all hunted down and burned. Essentially having a book in Bradbury’s dystopian world is the same as having illegal drugs today.

On Singh’s Instagram she talked about her excitement to play a role in the remake of “Fahrenheit 451.” According to Variety, we know that the film is now in the making, but the air date has not yet been released.