• An Nguyen

Ten-year-old girl from Florida fights off alligator

A ten-year-old girl from Florida was recently attacked by an alligator while swimming in two feet of water at a lake in Moss Park in Orlando.

The girl, Juliana Ossa, fought off the alligator by prying open the mouth of the nine foot beast to free her leg. She was pulled to shore and was taken to the Nemours Children's Hospital, where she was treated for laceration and puncture wounds behind her left knee and lower thigh.

"I tried hitting it on its forehead to let me go," Juliana said in an interview on NBC's TODAY. "That didn't work, so I thought of a plan they taught in Gatorland. The guy was wrestling the alligator with its mouth taped, and in this situation it was the other way around.

"So I stuck my two fingers up its nose so it couldn't breathe — it had to be from its mouth — and he opened it, so it let my leg out."

Kevin Brito, the paramedic who took care of Juliana, said she stayed calm throughout the whole ordeal.

"She was a tough little girl," Brito told WESH. "She also commented that if something is going to attack her, she has to attack back."

The alligator that attacked the girl was caught and later euthanized.