• David Smith

Oreo releases new 'Firework' flavor

The Oreo Company has released a new brand of Oreos called “Firework” Oreos. The Oreos have rainbow-colored sprinkles that pop in your mouth like pop rocks. According to Time.com, the Oreos were released on May 8, 2017.

Very few people were able to get the Oreos before they were released. One of the few people was Lamar Wilson, a famous YouTube personality who reviews almost anything, from games to food. In his video review, Wilson said they tasted like ordinary Oreos until the sprinkles started popping in his mouth, which surprised him.

Popsugar.com also gave a positive review of the new flavor and recommended "taking off the top cookie and biting into the icing by itself" in order to really experience the popping effect.

According to Time.com, the company plans to "crowd source" their next Oreo flavor by "offering up to $500,000 as a prize for the person who comes up with the best concept, which will be put into production.”