• An Nguyen

Darth Vader is alive, well and working as a hospital tech in Tennessee

Darth Vader is alive and well and living in Tennessee.

Darth Vader Williamson, 39, is a surgical technician at St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett in suburban Memphis. And yes, that's his real name.

"When I was born my mother wanted me to be named Junior, after my father. But my dad was a 'Star Wars' buff," Williamson said. "He was so enamored with the character Darth Vader that he was like, 'This would be one bad name for our son (bad as in good).”

"Under the effects of anesthesia, (my mother) would have agreed to anything. She was like, 'Yeah, OK, fine.' And ... afterward, she was like, 'Uh, what have we done?'"

Williamson says he didn't like his unusual name as a child. Kids teased him on the playground, and teachers giggled while calling on him in class.

According to CNN.com, Williamson hasn't seen any of the "Star Wars" movies since "Return of the Jedi" in 1983. In fact, he doesn't even really like "Star Wars" all that much. He prefers the "Alien" movies. Darth Vader isn't even his favorite "Star Wars" character. It's Boba Fett.