• Amber White

DIY: Gummy Rainbow Watermelons

Have you ever wanted a new snack for a party or a new way to make Jell-O? With this cute and easy DIY, you can make watermelon in a new, different way, and depending on how you make the recipe, you can end up with either a gummy or Jell-O-like treat.

First, you'll start out by taking a can of evaporated milk and pouring some into a bowl along with some water. Then, add eight packets of unflavored gelatin, and mix the ingredients well.

Grab a whole watermelon and carefully cut it in half. Remove the watermelon from its rind. Divide your gummy mix (from the previous step) into five or six containers, take some food coloring, and mix a different color into each container. Pour the first container (your first color of your rainbow) into the bottom of the watermelon then refrigerate till its sets.

Do the same processes with each color until you form the rainbow in the watermelon's rind. It’s important to refrigerate after each color so they don’t mix. Once you finish your gummy rainbow watermelon, you can cut it up and serve.

You can do this without the different colors and make it a solid color, or with water instead of evaporated milk (like making regular jello) also if you don’t want to make a rainbow.

To make your Jell-O or gummy treat healthier, you could puree or add chunks of the watermelon and make a refreshing, healthy watermelon-flavored treat for summer!

Here's a Video from YouTube with instructions for how to make your own Gummy Rainbow Watermelons