• An Nguyen

McDonald's new uniform

Picture Credit: Refinery29.com

McDonalds has announced that it would be giving its staff uniforms a complete makeover, replacing the current look with a brand-new selection of pieces by designers Bindu Rivas and Waraire Boswell.

Despite their iconic catchphrase “I’m Lovin’ it”, McDonald’s employees are not lovin’ their new uniforms. According to Fortune.com, about a third of employees do not like the new uniforms.

There will be a monochrome selection of black and grey polo shirts, T-shirt, aprons, and pants. The new uniforms were compared to the looks sported by those living in the Hunger Games' District 12 and the uniforms worn on the Death Star in the Star Wars series.

The new look focuses on “comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism,” according to Delish.com.

"Individuality is important to McDonald's restaurant employees, and the new collections were designed to bridge the gap between fashion and function, allowing for an easy transition from the restaurant to social environment," McDonald's said in a statement.