• Damien Lane

Video Game Preview: 'Call of Duty World at War 2'

From the Call of Duty

For the past four years since the release of "Call of Duty Advanced Warfare," the series has really died out and sales have been dropping, opening the door for competition like the "Battlefield" series.

That could change with the new "Call of Duty World at War 2" game, which comes out November 3, 2017. The game promises a return to the "boots on the ground," fast-paced approach of "Modern Warfare" and "Black Ops."

Sales numbers for the series have plummeted ever since they started going into the futuristic-style war games and EXO-suits (Suits that allow super human strength). The "Call of Duty" community ultimately disliked the EXO-suits and started to move to other games like "Battlefield" and others brand names.

Now, creators are bringing back the name of "Call of Duty" by presenting a new game with an old feel. The original "World at War" game, which was released in 2008, was the game many people loved and played over and over. For the new game, the designers decided to pull an old game from a World War 2 time period (including iconic battle locations) in order to one up "Battlefield One," which was set during WWI.

The "World at War" fans will be happy to hear that the campaign will be co-op, meaning up to four friends can play. There will be a mode in which players will be able to fight zombies. The zombie part will have the original story to play and bring back the "World at War" characters. There also will be a multiplayer part to the game that puts you on the ground.