• zacherybernabe

US Drops World's Largest Non-Nuclear Weapon on ISIS

Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 7:32 pm, the United States dropped the world's largest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS attackers in Afghanistan from a MC-130 aircraft. The massive bomb was nicknamed the "mother of all bombs," or the MOAB. It was 30 feet long, weighed over 21,000 pounds, and was guided by GPS.

The bomb was dropped to clear the tunnels of ISIS members in a mined area. Officials say that there was a total of 36 ISIS found dead. According to CNN, President Donald Trump called it "another successful job."

The strike took place in Nangarhar province near the Pakistan border. According to CNN.com, the blast took out three tunnels, weapons and ammunition; so far there has been no reports of civilians hurt.

Even though the attack was a success, President Trump has not stated that he signed off on the attack, but he did state, "Everybody knows exactly what happens. So, what I do is I authorize our military."