• Zachery Bernabe

Nike and Other Companies Set Out to Break Record Marathon Time

Completing a marathon is arguably one of the most prestigious athletic feats things any human can accomplish. Running 26.2 miles is incredible, but imagine running a marathon in under two hours. To run a marathon in under two hours, a person would have to run at an average pace of a mile every four and a half minutes.

The world record for a marathon was set by Dennis Kimetto at the Berlin Marathon in 2014, where he ran at a pace of four minutes and 41.5 seconds per mile; his finishing time was two hours, two minutes, and 57 seconds.

To break the record, Nike, Adidas, and an Academic research team called Sub2 have teamed up. Nike has chosen three runners to break the record: Eluid Kipchoge, 32, from; Kenya Lelisa Desisa, 26, from Ethiopia; and Zersenay Tadese, 34, from Eritrea. These men were chosen based on their VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during intense exercise).

According to CNN.com, "the team has also picked a F1 track in Monza, Italy," to break the record on because of the soft curves and mostly flat track. The team is hoping to break this record sometime in May, but weather might postpone the event, according to Nike.