• Damien Lane

First Xbox Project Scorpio Prototype Images Revealed

According to multiple sources, the newest Xbox console, which is being called Xbox Project Scorpio, is currently being developed and will be released most likely during the 2017 Christmas/holiday season.

Xbox.com has photos and videos of the new console, which it claims will be the world’s most powerful console. For example, it will feature 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.

There’s also a "Vapor Chamber," which will keep the console completely cooled using advanced liquid cooling, and a new "supercharger-style Centrifugal Fan." On older Xbox models, the fans weren't strong enough and would break, which would cause the system to overheat and sometimes cause the infamous "red ring of death."

The new console will have 1TB (terabyte) of storage to use for all gaming and downloading needs. Since all games are different sizes to download, its hard to say exactly how many this would fit, but you can, of course, always re-download games since they would be saved

It also has HDR (High-dynamic-range) for the new console. This makes long-distance perspectives in open maps like "Wildlands," "GTA," and "Horizon" look more realistic and detailed.

According to Xbox.com, Project Scorpio will also be the first console ever to have "True 4K gaming." Right now 4K gaming is only available on PC games. In order to fully appreciate the 4K visuals, however, players would need to own a 4K television.