• An Nguyen

Twins Conjoined at the Head get Separated

Millions were captivated by the separation surgery of Jadan and Anias McDonald. The twins were born conjoined at the head.

Twins joined at the head, called craniopagus twins, are exceeding rare, occurring in only one out of 2.5 million births. According to CNN.com, about 40% of the twins are stillborn, and another third die within 24 hours of their

birth. Studies have showed that 80% of twins joined at the head die of medical complications by the age of two if not separated.

The boy’s parents, Nicole and Christian, agreed to do the surgery despite their worries. There have been other craniopagus twins, similar to the McDonalds, who have remained joined and grown older, learned to walk, and even gotten married. It’s a challenging life, a life Nicole and Christian do not want for their boys.

The surgeon leading the operation was Dr. James Goodrich. He is considered by many to be the world’s leading neurosurgeon for twins conjoined at the head.

The 27-hour surgery, which took place on October 13, was a success. The twins have recently been released from rehab. Now the twins will go on to live their lives as individuals.