• Rachel Jowers, Tatum Williams

The Department of Family And Children's Services: Thank You!

The Department of Family And Children's Services (DEFACS) is a thankless national program that deserves more recognition and gratitude because of the work they are doing to promote “leadership, advancement… and the Blueprint for Change,” as stated by Mr. John White. The Blueprint for Change project is focused on enhancing both the workforce and our local families and community.

Starting with Obama’s initiative and promise to promote the project, the project entails and ensures that they would be closing a loophole that allows companies to shift profits overseas, providing tax incentives to help businesses grow and invest, and creating temporary tax cuts to spark increased investment and opportunities.

Naturally, it takes leadership, hard work, and unity to accomplish such tasks; therefore, every month those dedicated to the cause meet in Macon to attend the monthly leadership conferences. These fine, and respected men and women show the leadership that they work so hard to promote, so brilliantly and with dedication.

Thank you for your perserverance!