• Damien Lane

Does Tebow Have a Shot at MLB?

Former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is currently playing baseball for the Columbia Fireflies, the Mets' lower level minor league team.

In spring training with the Mets, he only had a .148 batting average, but he already has two home runs so far with in the regular minor league season.

Many hope Tebow will keep developing and find success in this new sport, but can he? According to most sources, his chances of making it to the major leagues one day are very small since he is already 29 years old and has been away from baseball for 12 years.

Other sources, such as metro.us, have pointed out, however, that "Tebow is not the first semi-productive pro football player to find success on the diamond." Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders are both examples.

Even if Tim Tebow does not make it all the way, he would be an example for younger players and attract more young people to the game of baseball.