• Sophomore Rachel Jowers

St. George Up in Flames

Natural disasters are impartial to political party affiliation, race, and wealth, and one the most recent victims is Florida’s own St. George’s Island.

On April 8th, 2017, St. George combatted a large fire that scorched the unfortunate west side of the island; however, locals have since praised the officials who responded to the fire wonderfully and prevented any injury or property damage.

Despite the good fortune, locals can’t help but marvel at the might of the fire, which according to WCTV, started with a man who was burning leaves along Pine Avenue, and morphed into a natural wonder that demands respect and attention. Local reporters tell accounts of witnessing the tall pines, "30-35 feet high" being engulfed of waves of heat and fire. The man is is now being charged with a misdemeanor for the unintentional fire, according to WCTV.

Never before has St. George seen such a disaster, and the island’s residents are left to worry about the fire's potential lasting harmful effects on the beautiful and flourishing environment of the island. With this disaster, the native vegetation is now doomed to an agonizing recovery cycle that nature has doled out to the beloved island of St. George.