• Zachery Bernabe

San Bernardino School Shooting

Yesterday, April 10, 2017, a gunman came into North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California, and shot and killed his wife Karen Elaine Smith and himself; he also injured two male students, ages 8 and 9. One of the students died later because of his injures.

The shooter was Cedric Anderson, who had a criminal record consisting of "weapons charges, drug charges and accusations of domestic violence," according to ABCNews. The couple had only been married for only a few months before separating recently. Reporters say that its " unclear whether domestic violence played a role in the shooting...but the couple was estranged."

According to ABCNews and CNN, the attacker came into the school using a visitors pass and said he was dropping off something to his wife. At this point there was no sign of a gun according to the staff. Anderson used a .357 revolver and reloaded once during the attack, but its unclear how many shots where fired. According to CNN, the two injured boys were standing behind Smith when they were shot.

The community has reacted strongly to this attack, coming together to hold a "candlelight vigil in outside of the school Monday evening." According to ABCNews, a community church leader said, "We'll get up again. We'll move on. We'll become stronger. But today is the day to cry."