• An Nguyen

This Woman Voted For Trump & Now Her Husband Is Being Deported

Helen Beristain migrated from Greece over 30 years ago. Her husband, Roberto Beristain, came illegally from Mexico in 1998. Together, they own a restaurant and have raised three kids in the state of Indiana.

Due to an incident that happened 17 years ago, Roberto is being deported back to Mexico.

In 2000, the coupled visited Niagara Falls and accidently crossed into the Canadian border. Once there, border agents detained Roberto when they realized he had been in the U.S illegally. His wife, Helen, was able to bail him out, but a federal judge told them Roberto had 60 days to leave the country.

According to Refinery29.com, Roberto didn’t leave the country because his wife was pregnant with their daughter at the time. For the last decade-and-a-half, Roberto has been checking in every year with ICE agents. He has no criminal record, and he was even able to get a driver’s license, work permit, and social security card with the agency's permission.

Years went by. In the 2016 election, Helen voted for Trump. Trump had promised to keep everyone safe, and that is why she voted for him, but she later realized that the Trump administration deportation policy had applied to every undocumented immigrant. When Roberto went in for his annual check-in with the immigration officials, he was arrested by ICE agents.

The family is still trying to deal with the fact that Roberto will be deported and probably barred from coming back to the U.S. for 10 years. His lawyer told BuzzFeed News the family will try to get him on a waiver program to allow him to return to the country.