• Amber White

Funniest April Fools Pranks

A well-known holiday is the famous April Fools Day; most people decide to do the prank on their family or friends. It can be hard to find a prank to do on anyone, so I have some ideas that can be harmless unless you consider being scared harmful. Here are five different pranks you can use on your family or friends.

If your mom, dad, or close friend have a car and you have money to go to the dollar store or Wal-Mart and buy a lot of sticky notes, (multi-color is best) you have a prank just waiting to happen. Take the sticky notes you bought and start covering the whole car (except the tires). Ifyou have the multi-colored packs, make each door, a different color, as well as the hood, roof, headlights, trunk, windows, mirrors, and windshield.

A prank you could do at home if you have the extra spray nozzle on your kitchen sink is to take a rubber band (while the water is off) and wrap it around the button you press to make the water come out. Now you sit back and wait. Once someone turns on the kitchen sink trying to get a cup of water or cleaning the dishes, they’ll get a face full of water. Be prepared to run away from an angry parent or sibling.

Another at-home or anywhere prank is the “febreze bomb prank.” All you need is a Febreze bottle and a zip tie. It’s a quick and easy prank, but be prepared to run. First you take the zip tie and wrap it around the trigger and back of the febreze bottle. After this, you have to move fast and find your victim's room or area. Find your escape and get close to it. After you find your escape, grab the end of the zip tie, pull, and run! After a few seconds, everyone in the area will be running from the strong scent of the Febreze.

This prank should only be done if the person's phone has a strong, solid phone case. Otherwise, you could damage their phone. All you’ll need is a victim’s phone, a bag of rubber bands, and time to commit the act of betrayal. To finish this act, you have to take one rubber band at a time and wrap it around the tops and sides of the phone. Once you finish wrapping, you set the phone next to them, call them, and wait for them to start freaking out.

If you enjoy scaring anyone as a prank, here’s a fun way to do this. The things you’ll need are a computer chair, tape, and an air horn. You have to do this undercover so you can’t get caught or the prank will fail. You have to tape the air horn to the bottom of the chair, but close enough to the top of the chair to set it off when they sit down. Once you set this up find a place to wait for the air horn to go off.