• Zachery Bernabe

Woman Arrested After Chase Near Capitol

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, a woman described as "erratic and aggressive," according to ABC.com, was taken into custody after driving a car into a police cruiser at the U.S. Capitol, almost hitting two police officers.

When police tried to stop the vehicle, the suspect fled and made an U turn, almost hitting police and hitting a police cruiser.

The police began pursuing her, and she was eventually stopped and apprehended at 3rd and Independence Avenue, where she was arrested, according to ABC News. While the pursuit was going on, there where shots fired, but luckily, "No individuals were injured during the arrest."

The FBI and Capitol Police are investigating to determine whether it could be a terrorist attack; police and the FBI say there is no connection yet. As of now the Capitol is open to the public, and all lock downs have been removed from the surrounding buildings.

Update: The suspect has now been identified as Taleah Everett, and she has now been charged with "seven counts of assault on a police officer and two counts of destruction of property, as well as single counts of fleeing, leaving after colliding, and driving without a valid permit," according to wtop.com. Since the arrest, her parents have come out publicly and stated that she is mentally ill and has not received the care she needs, according to nbcwashington.com.