• David Smith

SunTrust Park: Preview of The Braves New Stadium

The new Atlanta Braves stadium, Suntrust Park, was officially opened to the public on February 24, 2017. Located northwest of downtown Atlanta, in Cumberland, Georgia (Cobb County), the stadium cost $662 million to build.

According to the stadium’s official webpage, the new park will hold 41,000 seats, which is “20 percent smaller than Turner Field.” According to the site, this will “maximize sightlines, making every seat feel like the "best in the house." The seats are also closer to the field and positioned so that fans at the game can see the pitcher and the batter a lot better.

The first game at SunTrust Park will be an exhibition game played between the Braves and the New York Yankees on March 31, 2017, at 7:35 pm. It will be the last game of Spring Training for the Braves before they begin their first regular season game against the New York Mets on April 3.

Although games haven’t been played yet at the new stadium, some lucky fans have had a chance to visit Suntrust Park, see the inside, and share their experiences and photos online. One fan at TalkingChop.com, a blog for Atlanta Braves fans, recently took a visit to the park as part of an “A-List” tour and shared several things about the park, as well as images (some of which you can see below):

The Pros:

  • You’re closer to the field and the angles are better.

  • The chairs in most sections are bigger and more comfortable.

  • The concession stands are easier to get to, and there are “premium” concessions like Chick-Fil-A.

  • There will be plenty of shade in most parts of the park on hot days.

  • The Chop House restaurant will be back and larger. Fans can still hang out there and watch the game.

  • On the third base side entrance is a Braves Hall of Fame where fans can see many famous bats and gloves and other items.

The Cons:

  • Traffic is going to be really busy.

  • Parking may also be expensive and difficult at first.

  • The tickets for the section behind home plate are going to be a lot more expensive and harder to get.

Here are shots from inside the new park which show how close fans will be to the action: