• An Nguyen

Women stranded in Arizona wilderness for 5 days

Amber VamHecke, 24, who lives Texas, was driving in the Havasupai Reservation on March 12 when her car ran out of gas, officials said. Five days later on March 17, the Arizona Department of Public Safety received word from the Coconino County Sheriff's Office about a 911 call from a woman who said she had been stranded for five days near the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

The call ended before authorities could pinpoint her location. VamHacke had left a note by her car asking for help. The note said, "I'm out of gas, stuck here. I started following the road east to see if I can get cellphone signal.” Using their knowledge about the area, rescuers determined a likely area where the victim could be.

When she was found, she was treated at the scene for exposure and was later taken to the trauma center in Flagstaff. According to CNN.com, her preparation and quick thinking was crucial to her survival.

VanHacke posted on Facebook and said she was doing well after the ordeal. “I guess I can cross riding in a helicopter off my bucket list,” she said.