• An Nguyen

What has Obama been up to?

Now that he is not president anymore, what has Barack Obama been up to?

Back in Washington, President Donald Trump continues to try to prove that Obama wiretapped him, and Republicans are busy trying to dismantle his signature health reform law. While that’s all happening, Barack Obama is unwinding nicely from the most important job in the world.

He’s been in sunny California playing golf, to New York to watch a Broadway play, and on a private island in the Caribbean, where he kite-surfed with billionaire Richard Branson.

Obama is going to spend a month on the island, which is north of Tahiti and features only one luxury hotel, named "The Brando" because the Island was once owned by Marlon Brando. An Obama spokesman tells CNN that the former president is now a private citizen, and his schedule, therefore, is also private.

When not on vacation, the Obamas are living in their 5.3 million dollar home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Northwest DC. They intend to live there until their younger daughter, Sasha, graduates from high school in 2019. Their older daughter, Malia, is taking a gap year and is scheduled to attend Harvard University this fall.