• David Smith

Game Preview: 'Lego Worlds'

“Lego Worlds” is an open world game for all ages. It has many worlds/maps that you can explore with your own custom character. The game was released on March 7, 2017. Lego.com says, “Make your world come to life with customizable characters, both friendly and fearsome.”

The creator of the game, TT Games is a very popular game company that is famous for creating every Lego game that has been published. The founder of TT games is John Burton, a British game designer.

This past weekend I got to play the Lego game for myself. I used to love playing with Legos as a kid, and playing the game was like my Lego childhood coming to life. The game was awesome; it lets you build anything you want. It is kind of like Minecraft but in a Lego form. What I liked most about it is that I got to build many different things and how you could travel to different worlds and areas. It was an overall fun game, and when I get the chance, I’m going to buy the game.

According to Metacritic.com, the game is not getting as great reviews; it is currently at sitting at 70 out of 100 on the site, which takes an average of all reviews. Xbox Achievements said it is “Stupidly enjoyable and endlessly charming, LEGO Worlds is the gift that keeps on giving with different biomes.” On the other hand, CGMagazine said, “You won’t build all that much in the initial hours of LEGO Worlds.”