• Amber White

Album Review: Radiohead "Kid A"

I recently got recommended the band Radiohead, which first formed in 1985 and is still touring and recording, along with their 2000 album “Kid A.” According to allmusic.com, the genre of the band is alternative pop/rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, and Indie Electronic.

“Kid A” was released on October 2, 2000. There were no singles released from the album; instead, the album was released online and several animated videos were released to go along with the songs (which you can watch on YouTube now).

Personally I recommend the songs “Idioteque,” “The National Anthem,” and “Kid A.” I really enjoy this band personally because you can listen to it while working out, running, or out on a walk. Anything you want to do, you could do while listening to this band. These three songs that I’ve picked out are energizing and fun to listen to, but if you needed, some of the other ones are more relaxing. Another staff member said it reminded him of the electronic group M83, and it reminded me a little bit of dubsteb, which is basically music remix.

How I found this band (more music and bands you could listen to):


YouTube videos:


The National Anthem:

Kid A: