• Zachery Bernabe

Syrupmaker Siblings Making a Racket on the Court

Cairo has an amazing tennis team with a pair of special star players: Callie Lauder and her brother, Luke Lauder. They are an amazing duo, but both have their own strengths, goals for the future, and takes on this year's team.

Callie Lauder

Callie Lauder is a great tennis player, and she also loves to run. At fifteen years old, the freshman already has five years of experience playing tennis, and she shows us at every game she can dominate with a great backhand and serve. Callie hopes to play for college at Florida State University (FSU). Callie uses a Wilson racket and Nike tennis shoes.

Callie's Favorite Professional Player: "Serena Williams"

Luke Lauder

Luke Lauder is also an amazing tennis player. He is a 17-year-old junior who also has five years of experience playing the game. He started his tennis career in his first years of middle school being taught by Mrs. Lara Starr. He has an amazing serve that is unstoppable. Luke would like to play for college at UGA, but says he "might wait a year to get used to the college scene." Luke uses Babolat rackets and Nike apparel.

Luke's Favorite Pre-Game Snack: "Red Gatorade with Cheez-Its"

Callie and Luke currently train together at the Glen Arven Country Club in Thomasville.

On This Year's Team:

They are having a great session, but the team is working to improve. Both Luke and Callie said that "winning at the net" is a an area the team is trying to work on, and Callie said that in singles, "putting away shots" is another area to improve this season. Both are working on their forehand shots this year.

Besides the Lauders, some of the other leaders of this year's team, according to Luke, are Doylisha Copeland, Jackson Hand, Mason Odum, and Caroline White. Callie also gives a shout-out to Sara Lokey as a younger player who is impressing on this year's team.

Both say the team's goal this year is to place in the region, and Callie hopes to be "2nd seed at region in Columbus."

On Playing Together and Sibling Rivalry:

The two together make a great duo, encouraging each other to do better and strive for greatness, but they still have their sibling rivalry: "It encourages me to do better and to want to play like him," says Callie. "We are both super competitive and have the will to win," says Luke. "You want the best for her and enjoy seeing her win but sometimes you have to claim a win for yourself."