• Zachery Bernabe

Trump's Proposed 2018 Budget Plan

President Trump released a budget proposal for 2018 on Thursday. Within the proposal, it states the changes Trump wants to make to the federal government’s spending, including budget cuts to 19 agencies.

According to the Washington Post, the agencies receiving the biggest funding cuts would be the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department (EPA), which will both lose about 30 percent funding, and the Agriculture Department and Labor Departments, which will both lose about 20 percent funding.

Cuts within the EPA would be to "over 50 programs and more than 3200 jobs," according to the Washington Post.

The Department of Education would receive a 14% budget cut, which would reduce funding for "teacher training, after school programs, and aid to low-income and minority college students." Charter school funding would be increased by $168 million, and a new $250 million private-school choice program would be created.

Trump's proposal would add funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security, and Defense Department. The Defense Department spending would go up the most, at nine percent.

A department that is getting a major increase is the Defense Department. Some of the ways he would plan to use the extra funds within the military would be to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps, increase the number of ships in the Navy's fleet, and to buy more F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets.