• An Nguyen

Dead, IRL

If you could create a digital version of yourself to stick around long after you've died, would you want to? You could comfort you mom or joke around with your best friend.

The digital version of you will have your sense of humor. But it would also have your other traits, perhaps the ones you're not proud of, such as your stubbornness or your tendency to get angry easily.

You could send your loved one a happy birthday tweet even after you have died. But would you want to? Are tweets from the grave a modern tool for grieving or simply digital ghosts that haunts your loved ones?

People have mixed emotions about this concept. They aren’t sure if they want to give people access to parts of them that are unfiltered or are without context.

Facebook is also thinking about how to approach death. With 1.8 billion monthly active users, it will eventually become a digital graveyard.

Though the technology isn’t perfect yet, developers are trying to improve it. According to CNN.com, technology applied to death is only an experiment for now.