• Amber White

DIY Knot Pillows

If you love pillows to keep on your bed or couch, then here is a way to create your own.

The things you’ll need to make these pillows will be:

  1. Two pairs of leggings.

  2. Needle and thread.

  3. Pillow stuffing.

  4. Needles to hold the fabric together

The easy steps to complete this pillow:

  1. Sew the ends of the legs shut.

  2. Stuff both legs with the pillow stuffing.

  3. Fold the top of the leggings.

  4. Pin the fold to the leggings.

  5. Sew the fold to the leggings where it connects.

  6. Unfold the leggings till they are straight.

  7. Do the same to the second pair of leggings.

For step-by-step instructions for how to create the knotted look in the pillow,

watch this YouTube video: