• Zachery Bernabe

New System Info: The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a new handheld console, as well as console system, which was released March 3, 2017. The Switch can be taken anywhere on the go or can be used at home. It has a three hour battery life, but there are portable chargers that you can buy.

The Switch has a selling price of $299.99. When the system first came out, it was selling out in stores and some people were buying the Switch and selling it on Amazon and Ebay for $300 to $400, but this has died down now, and you can probably find it at retail stores like Toys R' Us and Target.

According to www.forbes.com, "The Nintendo Switch has sold itself on a relatively simple concept compared its predecessor (The Wii U)."

There are many accessories for the switch, but they are pretty expensive. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sells for $69.99, the Joy‑Con™ controllers (two pack) $79.99, the Joy‑Con (L)/Joy‑Con (R) sells for $49.99, the Joy‑Con Charging Grip $29.99, and the Joy‑Con Wheel (Set of 2) $14.99, according to Nintendo.com.

The Nintendo switch has a great game selection with the new "Zelda Breath of the Wild" and "Mario Kart Deluxe 8," but it only comes stock with 32 gigs of storage. According to CNET.com, it does not currently come with any games, and it will not be compatible with any old Nintendo games. There is a SD card slot, however, that can be used for extra storage.