• An Nguyen

Mysterious 'ghost man' appears in teen's selfie

A recent birthday fishing trip yielded more than a record breaking catch for the birthday boy, after what some are calling a “ghost man” turned up in a selfie.

13-year-old daughter Haley and Kolton Ogletree were on a fishing trip with their grandparents in Tifton, GA when the unexpected guest showed up in one of Haley's selfies.

According to FOXNews.com, Haley was going through her photos when she stumbled upon an eerie image. While her brother is seen in the background wearing a green shirt, the man appearing to the right of him caused quite a stir for the family. The photo was taken at Paradise, a fishing place in Tifton, GA.

Her mother, Jessica Ogletree, shared the photo on Facebook. The photo has taken the internet by storm with thousands of shares and comments. Haley was freaked out by the image but her mother thought it was pretty cool.

Some think the photo is photo shopped but many believe this is proof that ghost exist.