• Amber White

DIY Balloon Orbs

If you want to use something different to decorate your home or to change up your “regular” design of the room, an easy way to change things up is to use balloon orbs.

The balloon orbs, or twine orbs, are a cute and easy DIY you could use to decorate your home. The things you’ll need to make them are the following:

  1. Balloons

  2. Twine (or yarn)

  3. Wood glue, or regular glue

  4. Scissors

  5. A plastic bowl

Here are the steps to complete the DIY:

  1. (Optional) cut twine.

  2. Put the twine in glue and wipe off excess.

  3. Glue twine on balloon wrapping it around the balloon.

  4. (Optional) add glitter or different color twine (or yarn).

  5. Hang balloon to dry overnight.

  6. Pop balloon after it’s completely dry and pull out balloon.

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