• An Nguyen

Boy finds WWII plane with pilot's remains in cockpit

A 14 year old Danish boy found the wreckage of a German World War II plane with the remains of the pilot in the cockpit.

Daniel Kristiansen and his father, Klaus, discovered what's believed to be a Messerschmitt fighter plane buried in a field on their farm near Birkelse in northern Denmark. He was doing research for a history class when he found the plane.

According to CNN.com, Daniel and his father were out in the field with a metal detector hoping to find old plates or something for Daniel to show in school. Instead of finding an old plate, they found bits of plane debris.

To dig it up, they had to borrow an excavator from a neighbor. They had to dig down 8 meters to get to the object. "At first we were digging up a lot of dirt with metal fragments in it. Then we suddenly came across bones and pieces of clothes," Kristiansen said. "It was like opening a book from yesterday."

Kristiansen says he remembers his grandfather, who was living on the farm at the time; tell him a German plane had crashed there. He believes it was around November or December 1944.

The curator of the Historic Museum of Northern Jutland and his team are trying to identify the pilot, whose remains were found along with documents and personal items.

Kristiansen hopes the pilot’s relatives can be found and that he could have a proper funeral.