• Tatum Williams

Yellow Fever Outbreak In Brazil

In the 1940’s, Brazil went through a horrid yellow fever outbreak; the country went through mass vaccinations and mosquito annihilation to eradicate the virus.

The virus has returned and is just as merciless this time around. This past December, the earliest case was spotted amidst the men living in the agricultural parts of Minas Gerais, a south-eastern, Brazilian state.

The first to be infected were the monkeys, and over 1000 started turning up dead. According to npr.org “One of the proverbs is that 'when the howler monkey falls silent, everyone starts to worry,' because they know yellow fever is in the area."

Over 1000 questionable cases of yellow fever in humans and even more presumed cases in monkeys were reported by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in early February, according to npr.org.

For the unvaccinated citizens, the Brazilian ministry of Health and health Authorities are supervising mass vaccinations and expanding listed areas where yellow vaccination for travelers is recommended.