• David Smith

'Steep': Game Preview

Released on December 2, 2016, “Steep” is an open world game in which players have four different ways to explore the Alps mountain range: wing-suit gliding, snowboarding, skiing, and paragliding.

Players can start out easy on a smaller mountain, and as they progress and gain experience, they can challenge themselves by exploring higher mountains. Players also get to create and experience the mountains with their own custom characters. The game’s maps are very large and realistic, and in order to keep exploring, players will have to be careful and keep their characters alive. Otherwise, they will re-spawn at the very top or beginning of the mountain


The game is filled with side missions that players can do to gain

experience to upgrade their characters. As players reach higher levels they unlock special items or outfits to customize their characters. There are even different types of goofy animal outfits that players can choose to make the game more fun. The side missions get harder as the game goes on.

The creator of the game is a very well-known and popular game publisher named UBISOFT. The company is known for franchises such as “Assassins Creed,” “Far Cry,” and the “Tom Clancy” game series.