• Damien Lane

"Wildlands" Beta: My Experience

The Wildlands open beta was released on February 23, 2017, at 6 am EST. It was available for all platforms (PC, Playstation, and X Box) until February 27 at 6 am EST. Fans of the Tom Clancy game series have been waiting on this open beta to come out. The full game will be released next week on March 7.

About the Game:

The beta Is a open world, but only two district are available to play in this beta.

The full game has 21 districts, 12 different types of biomes in the map, and every bit of the map is full of beautiful sights and things to do.

The districts in game have a boss that runs that district, and your job is to find who is the leader of that district is and take them out. How to take out the district leader is your choice. You can go in "stealth" or go in "loud."

My Experience:

I spent at least 42 hours playing the game, but I know there was at least three times as much game play out there that I didn't get to experience. I did four hours of side missions, and the rest of the time was strictly the story. The first time you load the game, it is overwhelming how much missions and storyline you have in front of you ready to go. It's your choice of where to go and how you play your game.

The thing that really stood out in my mind is that you had to blend into your environment; otherwise, you'd be spotted easier. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition, and when I got it, they gave me special camos which helped me blend in with my environment. If you played the beta and you buy the game before March 31, you get extra free content for it for playing the free beta.