• Destiny Shamblin

Tattoo Choker Necklace- How to

Choker necklaces are becoming more popular each day with females. There are lots of different types and styles, and I wanted share with you how to make one of your own inexpensively.

To make a tattoo choker you will need elastic cord, clamp, and scissors, or something to cut with. You can find these three items at your local Walmart or jewelry, fashion, and craft store.

To begin, you will get the elastic cord and stretch it two arm lengths long. Fold it in half and use a clip or tape to keep it in place on a solid object like a desk. A clip board will work, too.

After this, you will need to start looping. Start with the left cord, loop it over the

cord on the right, then wrap the left cord around the right one and pull it back through the loop. Keep repeating using the right and the left strings.

Once you have got the length you want, tie the ends together, and remember that the choker is stretchy, so you do not need it to be too big.

Ask a parent before you do this, but use a lighter and burn the ends to keep the cord from untying. Once you are finished, if you are like me, you can attach a pendant and make it your own. You can also make a bracelet. Just shorten the length and follow the steps as though you where making a necklace.