• Destiny Shamblin

Free Sites to Watch Anime and Read Manga

Characters from different anime's

I am a hardcore anime and manga fan, and over the past few years I have have taken the time to search for and find good websites and apps to watch high-quality anime.

For me, it's important for the sites to be organized and user-friendly. I also prefer to have the options of both "dub" (the spoken language is translated and re-recorded from Japanese to English) and "sub" (in its original language with English subtitles) versions of the anime. It's also nice to be able to watch them on any device, rather than just a laptop. Also, all sites require WiFi or data to watch anime or read manga.

There are different types of anime and different genres. The following lists are from adcoock.com:


  • Code-anime- designed for children

  • Shounen anime- designed for the older boys and young men (from 12 to 16-18 years)

  • Shoujo anime- designed for older girls and women (from 12 to… (same as above)

  • Seinen anime- anime for young men

  • Jo-anime- designed for young women

  • TV series- a serial anime, intended for display on tv

  • TV movie- non-serialnoe anime designed for display on tv

  • OAV/ OVA- created especially for the production of a video ( original animation video) it happens as a serial (usually) and a single. currently, the standard length of OAV- 23-25 min, in the 1980s and in the early 1990s and there were hours and longer OAV

  • Feature flims- designed to be shown in cinemas rarely shorter tan 50 mins the usual lengthfrom 60 to 90 mins

  • Short film- anime intended for theatrical release. in brief 30 min so it is always demonstrated together with other such movies


  • Tale – a genre code, anime film adaptation of the classic fairy tales.

  • Comedy – a kind of anime, the main thing for them – the humor: parody, sitcoms, and stunt verbal jokes.

  • History – a kind of anime, the effect of which is associated with certain real historical events.

  • Drama – quite rare for the anime genre of dramatic, tragic story. The main feature – the lack of pronounced “happy ending.”

  • Science Fiction (SF) – anime, action is related to the existence and use of technology that did not exist at the time of this anime (interstellar spacecraft, blasters, etc.) Usually anime SF outlines possible future history of mankind, it is often linked stories contacts with aliens.

  • Romance – Anime, telling the love conflicts.

  • Daily life – anime, describing the daily lives of ordinary Japanese people (usually – middle class) with all its joys and troubles.

  • Action – a genre Shounen anime, the effect of which is associated with militant

  • Idols – anime, the effect of which is associated with pop stars and music business.

  • Otaku – a kind of anime, with links to the activities of anime fans.

The following sites let you read manga or watch anime for free. You will have to deal with a lot of ads, but there is a way to get rid or them by paying a monthly fee (prices depend on the site). If you do not have money, I recommend you dealing with the ads, as they do not last very long.

crunchyroll- http://www.crunchyroll.com/

kissanime- http://kissanime.ru/

Funimation- https://www.funimation.com/

9 Anime- https://9anime.to/

Master Anime- http://www.masterani.me/

animeseed- http://animeseed.com/

moetube- http://www.moetube.net/

soul anime- http://www9.soul-anime.us/anime-movies.html

animeseason- http://www.animeseason.com/anime-list/ratings/

justdubs (only dub)- http://www.justdubsonline.com/

I went through and checked out all of theses sites, and I even use them all personally. I hope they will work for you.