• Destiny Shamblin

Anime Review: "Blue Exorcist"

"Blue Exorcist," also known as "Ao no Ekusoshisuto," is a supernatural action manga series which was made into an anime. It was written and illustrated by Kazue Katō. I only watched the anime; I have not read the manga yet, so some things in the manga are not in the anime and vi-versa.

The story revolves around Rin Okumura and his brother, Yukio, finding out about being the sons of Satan. Rin is the only one with the blue flames from his real father, but his twin brother later in the anime founds out he starts to have the blue flames, too.

They were both taken in by an exorcist whom they came to know as their father. They both go to an academy, called True Cross Academy, to become exorcists. This was originally Yukio's dream, but once Rin found out he was the son of Satan, he wanted to become an exorcist, too, to defeat his father and prove to everyone that he is not like his father. He isn't evil. So the brothers along with a few other characters become exorcists while going on missions to defeat the things they are training to destroy.

This is all in season one, and season two has just recently come out in 2017. I have not seen much of season two, but I know that from the first two episodes there is tension between the two brothers. If you want to watch season two you can go to Kissanime and watch all the way up to episode eight; there will be more episodes later.