• Amber White

The Meaning Behind Roses

There are many different types, as well as colors of roses, and, surprisingly, there are meanings behind every one of them, according to thelanguageofflowers.com.

For example, the coral rose stands for desire, while the dark crimson, or “black roses,” stand for mourning.

Others include dark pink, which stands for thankfulness; lavender, which stands for enchantment; orange, which stands for fascination; pale peach, which stands for modesty; and pale pink stands for grace and joy; white, which stands for innocence and secrecy; and yellow, which stands for joy and friendship.

If you give someone a rosebud, it means beauty and youth. A moss rosebud means a confession of love, and a red rosebud stands for pure and lovely.

If you give someone a bouquet of roses in full bloom, it stands for gratitude. A thorn-less rose stand for love at first sight, a Christmas rose stands for anxiety, and a bridal rose stands for happy love.

There are many other kinds of flowers and more roses with a meaning; if you want to find out what flower to give someone, you can look up the meanings at the website listed above.

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