• Walter Grant

Man Killed After Cross Fire With Deputies

Sunday, February 26, 2017, there was a shootout between a sheriff deputy and a man in Citrus County, Florida. The suspect was killed during the cross fire, but his name still hasn’t been released. According to WCTV, the deputies were placed on leave pending an investigation.

Earlier that day, police in Marion County were contacted and told that the man was shooting at the natural gas line construction site that is posed to run from Alabama to Florida. According to cbsnews.com, a high-speed chase took place, beginning in Marion County, as the deputies and the Florida Highway Patrol tried to stop the man. He crashed near Floral City, Florida, just 70 miles from Tampa.

According to WCTV, they exchanged shots but none of the deputies were hurt. Deputy Prendergast said “there were other weapons in the car.” The man was said to be “armed and extremely dangerous,” and was using a “high powered rifle,” according to