• Tatum Williams

Crafting: How To Make A Rainbow Rose

Roses come in so many different colors, including white, blue, pink, lavender, orange, and yellow, but have you ever seen a rainbow rose? You can actually grow a rainbow rose of your own, in the comfort of your home!

The rainbow rose was first created by Peter van de Werken of a Dutch flower company when he injected different dyes into a white rose bush causing the roses to bloom in rainbow colors.

Instructions from chemistry.about.com on how to create your own rainbow roses are listed below. I have personally made my own rainbow roses, and it takes a lot of time and a lot of water, but it was more fun to make my own than to go out and buy it.

Here's the instructions:

1.) Start with a white rose. It's best if it is a rosebud because the effect relies on capillary action, transpiration, and diffusion in the flower, which takes some time.

2.) Trim the stem of the rose so that it is not extremely long. It takes more time for color to travel up a longer stem.

3.) Carefully split the base of the stem into three sections. Make the cuts lengthwise up the stem 1-3 inches. Why three sections? The cut stem is fragile and likely to break if you cut it into more parts. You can use color science to achieve the full rainbow using three colors -- red, blue, yellow or yellow, cyan, magenta -- depending what dyes you have available.

4.) Carefully bend the cut sections slightly away from each other. Now, one way to apply the dyes would be to bend the stems into three contains (e.g., shot glasses), each containing a single color of dye and a bit of water, but this is hard to accomplish without breaking the stems. An easier method is to use 3 small plastic baggies, 3 rubber bands, and one tall glass to hold the flower upright.

5.) Into each bag, add a small amount of water and several (10-20) drops of one color of dye. Ease a section of stem into the bag so that it is immersed in the dyed water, and secure the bag around the stem with a rubber band. Repeat the process with the other two bags and colors. Stand the flower in a glass. Check to make sure each stem section is immersed in the liquid, since the flower needs water to live.

6.)You may start to see color in the petals as quickly as half an hour, but expect to let the rose soak up dye overnight or possibly for a couple of days. The petals will be the three colors, plus the mixed colors, for petals receiving water from two parts of the stem at once. This way, you'll get the whole rainbow.

7.) Once the flower is colored, you can trim off the cut section of stem and keep it in fresh water or a homemade flower food solution.