• Zachery Bernabe

Video Game Technology Being Used to Teach Self-Driving Cars

When it comes to driving, learning the rules of the road becomes second nature and is not hard to teach; we do with 16-year-olds everyday. AI (artificial intelligence), on the other hand, is a different story because there is so much work that has to go into the software so no one gets hurt.

According to geek.com and the thenextweb.com, scientists from Darmstadt University in Germany and Intel Labs are working on a new way to use the open world and realistic world scenarios of the popular, if controversial, video game Grand Theft Auto to teach self-driving cars how to work. The violent elements of the game have been removed for their research purposes.

The developers are using a program created by the company OpenAI, which is a non profit sponserd by Tesla's CEO. OpenAI's "Universe" program uses a MIT licensed open sourced code that has been tested in many games as part of research into new AI systems, according to geek.com the Universe program.

For more information on how this system will work, check out the video below: