• David Smith

Deadly Crash in Lafayette County, FL

On February 22, 2017, police reported a car crash in Lafayette County, Florida. Police say the accident happened around 5:11 and was located near the intersection of US-27 and CR-534.

According to WCTV, 35-year-old Brian Wallace was driving a pickup truck travelling northbound as 52-year-old Johnny McGraw was driving an empty log truck going southbound.

Several cars ahead of Wallace were waiting for the semi to pass so that they could turn, and Wallace swerved into the opposite lane to avoid hitting them.

The report didn’t state the reason that he had to swerve into the opposite lane, but Wallace and McGraw ended up hitting each other head on, which caused the semi to “jackknife” and land on top of Wallace’s pickup truck.

Wallace died in the crash, and the semi-truck driver suffered severe injuries.