• Walter Grant

Body of Suspected Killer Found in Tallahassee

The following article is an update of an earlier Red and Black post from last Fall:

Camera footage of the man who entered the Walgreens store, believed to be Tavon Jackson

According to WCTV, on Tuesday night, February 21, 2017, a murder suspect was found near 222 Ocala Road in Tallahassee, Florida. The suspect, Tavon Jackson, has been on the run since August 2016. He was the main suspect in the deadly stabbing of 23-year-old Javona Glover at a Tallahassee Walgreens last summer.

Javona Glover, who was stabbed to death while working at Walgreens in Tallahassee last August

While looking through the woods for a different case, a Tallahassee police officer found Jackson's body. According to WCTV, the Violent Crimes and Forensic Units said, “while the investigation is in the very early stages, the death does appear to be a suicide.”

The US Marshall went to the mother of the victim earlier that day, and he told her that the body of Mr. Jackson was found in the woods in Tallahassee. The mother of Javona Glover, Jennifer Battles, said, “I am happy and relieved. It gives me closure. I thank the Tallahassee Police Department and the US Marshals.”

According to Tallahassee.com, Javona Glover was the niece of rapper T-Pain. She and Jackson also had a young daughter.