• An Nguyen

Escaping to Canada

Refugees are risking their lives to escape to Canada. Hussein Ahmed and Mohamed Hossain are two Somalis who risked their life to get to safety.

They first crossed illegally through Mexico to the United States to beg for asylum. When they heard news about Trump’s executive order temporarily barring refugees and travelers from Somalia, they decided they had to flee once again.

They paid a man $300 to take them to Grand Forks, North Dakota, to get as close to the Canadian border as possible. They tried to stay clear of the bright lights at the US, where customs agents might send them back or put them in jail if they get caught.

The journey took a whole day, and the men were exhausted. At one point the men thought they were going to die. The men had never seen snow before, let alone walked miles in it.

According to CNN.com, the men were finally rescued by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers. They were taken to the hospital where they were treated for frostbites. One of the men had to have his fingers amputated.

Overall, the journey was both emotionally and physically brutal, but according to the men, it was worth it. "I thank to the government of Canada and the people of Canada and to the people at Welcome Place," Hossain says. "I say thanks to these people because they have saved my life."