• Amber White

Different Gauge Sizes

There are multiple sizes and types or designs of ear gauges. The sizes range from millimeter measurements to inch measurements. The smallest gauge, 20, measures 0.88 millimeters or 1/32 inch.

The bigger the gauge, the smaller the numbers get. For example, the 18 gauge, which equals 1.0 millimeter, or 5/128 inches, the 16 gauge which equals 1.2 millimeters or 3/64 inches, the 14 gauge which equals 1.6 millimeters or 1/16 inches, or usually the normal size the 12 gauge which equals 2.0 millimeters or 5/64 inches.

Then there are the gauges you use if you want to stretch your ears, but be sure to follow each step, and don’t skip any of the gauge sizes. The next step is a gauge size 10, which equals 2.4 millimeters or 3/32 inches, then the 8 gauge, which equals 3.2 millimeters or 1/8 inches, the 6 gauge, which equals 4.0 millimeters or 5/32 inches, the 4 gauge, which equals 5.0 millimeters or 3/16 inches, the 2 gauge, which equals 6-6.5 millimeters or 1/4 inches, the 0 gauge which, equals 8.25 millimeters or 1/3 inches, and then there’s the 00 gauge, which equals 9-10 millimeters or 3/8 inches.

There’s also the bigger size in gauges that don’t have specific gauge size, but they’re more commonly measured or labeled with millimeters. The first one is the 11.0 millimeter, or the 7/16 inches, the second one is the 12.7 millimeter, or the 1/2 inches, then the 14.0 millimeter, or the 9/16 inches, then the 16.0 millimeter, or the 5/8 inches, then the 19.0 millimeter, or the 3/4 inches, then the 22.0 millimeter, or the 7/8 inches, and the last one on most graphs or charts of gauge sizes is the 25.0 millimeter, or the 1 inch.

Right now I'm at a gauge size 00, and personally I like the way it looks. You can buy different jewelry to use: there's tunnels, plugs, and tapers. There's also different types of tunnels and plugs; there's silicon, acrylic, stainless steal, wood, stone, titanium, glass, bone, horn, shell/pearl, and more. If you don't want to use actual gauges, there are cheater gauges which are normal earrings that look like gauges.

Information on different types of gauges: