• David Smith

The Future is Now: Autonomous Police 'Superbikes'

One of the most popular concepts in technology right now is the driverless, or "autonomous" car. Google, Tesla, and other technology companies are currently testing models, and one day all vehicles might be driverless. Now, some companies, led by Canadian engineer Charles Bombadier and his company Imaginactive, are experimenting with models for autonomous police vehicles.

According to CNN.com, Bombadier’s "Interceptor" motorbike concept would have 360 degree panoramic cameras, an electric motor, and a carbon fiber body. The Interceptor would be monitored by police officers by an app that they can only access. The motorcycle would monitor the city 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and anybody caught speeding or committing any other violation on the road would be delivered their ticket through an email or text.

Another concept for a driverless police motorbike that Bombadier has created is the "Brigade," which is more “simple” and retro-looking, according to CNN. Bombadier says, “Brigade is a conceptual driverless motorcycle I have designed to keep the peace in small towns, and keep human officers doing more important work.”

According to Wired.com, “Brigade would silently patrol the streets, looking for things like expired registrations and illegally parked cars. It would file time stamped video evidence with the municipal court and email the owner a citation.”

Bombadier believes the invention will cause an increase in violations, but the main violations will be parking and speeding violations. Police believe that the streets would be safer and better for the city’s people with this new technology.