• Zachery Bernabe

Long-Distance Running: Gear

When it comes to long distance running, proper clothes are a necessity. Proper gear can help prevent injuries and can create a smooth, comfortable run.

The Basics

The most important part of any runner's inventory is his or her shoes. Running shoes range from different running forms, prices, looks, and quality. Here are some of the best shoes on the market right now: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2, and ASICS Kayano 22 Lite Show. When choosing a perfect pair of shoes, you need look at a few things: your foot arc, running stile, and the type of distance you want to run.

MyTop Shoe Choice: Brook Launch 3

Comfortable, very minimum in design

When it comes to shorts, there are so many out on the market that it's hard to choose the right one. Here are some of the best shorts on the market: Men's The North Face Better Than Naked Short, MEN'S CASCADIA shorts, and Men's Under Armour Launch. The difference between a cheap pair of shorts versus more expensive, professional ones would be the material, design, and storage capacity (believe it or not, you actually have to carry energy chews for longer races).

My Top Shorts Choice: Under Armor Launch

Shirts are a great thing to have, but you don't have to have it if you don't want to run with one. A basic tip is to never run in cotton because it can cause shafting while running, and that's a pain you don't want to experience. So when choosing a shirt, just look for a Dry Fit shirt that fits and is comfortable to wear.

My Top Shirt Choice: Nike Pro

Optional Gear

Although watches are not necessary for beginning runners, watches are a great necessity for any serious runner because they can help with keeping track of your running pace (speed), your time, and if you have a watch with GPS, you can track your running position. Watches range in price and quality. Some expensive watches are the Suunto and Garmin; some of the cheaper watches are the Fibit watches. There are also smart sport watches like the Apple watch and Samsung watch.

My Top Watch Choice: Suunto Ambit2 S

Headphones are a great way to tune out all the distractions of running like the pain and other people talking, but there is a big debate on whether running with headphones is good for runners. It's all personal preference on whether you want them or not, but there is a good selection for running headphones. One of the best pair are the JayBird brand of headphones.

My Top Headphone Choice: JayBird X2