• David Smith

Double Homicide in Jackson County (FL)

75-year-old William Hank is being charged with double homicide after two women were found dead inside his Florida home.

According to the Jackson County (Florida) Sheriff’s office, at around 8:44 pm on February 11, 2017, a woman called 911 saying there was a man with a gun at a residence on Crystal Lane in the Rocky Creek Community.

When the deputies first pulled up to the residence, no one was found. Neighbors say they heard car doors slamming and a car pulling away from the property.

Deputies later went to the residence and spoke with a man who, according to WCTV, had “ties” to the woman. The deputies then went inside and found two women who had been shot and killed. Inspectors later found out the double homicides were committed by the same man they talked to earlier.

The man later returned to the scene of the crime and admitted to the crime. When officers told him to reveal his hands, however, he revealed a weapon and one of the deputies shot the man. He did not die from the gunshot and was taken to the hospital.

According to WCTV, the man’s name is William Hank, and he is from Fountain, Florida. The 75-year-old is being charged with two charges of murder and aggravated assault on an officer.

The two female victims’ names have not been released yet.