• Amber White

The Different Types of Cosmetology

There are three different categories within the field of cosmetology: cosmetologist, hair colorist, and shampoo technician. You might not know the difference between the different categories, but there’s only small differences.

A cosmetologist is specialized in giving beauty treatments to skin and hair. They can also cut your hair or chemically treat hair, along with chemical hair removal without a razor, fashion trends, wigs, and nail and skin care. They can also do relaxation treatments on the head, scalp, neck, hand and feet basic massages. If you want to relax even more, they also do aroma therapy.

If you are trying to get ready for a special occasion such as a prom, a date, a dance, a wedding, or anything else, a cosmetologist also specializes in makeup looks. If you want to try a new hair style but your hair is “to short,” they also do extensions, coloring, perms, and straightening if you just want your hair to be straightened.

Hair colorists are professionals in hair coloring. Their job involves, but is not limited to, basic hair coloring to help cover up grey hair, lightening, or darkening your hair. The ability to perform corrective color applications and create special effects using foiling techniques is another way they dye hair.

A shampoo technician is the one who shampoos and conditions your hair before you get your hair cut/styled. This is normally the apprentice's job and a first step for many just out of cosmetology school.

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