• Tatum Williams

New Study: Modified Salmonella Fights Cancer

Salmonella is known for causing food poisoning, but now scientists have modified it into an amazing cancer fighter.

According to medicalnewstoday.com, the immune system can’t fight off the cancer cells because they aren’t foreign invaders; when the process apoptosis breaks down and cells don’t die they build up, then cancer is formed.

Now with the genetically modified Salmonella, the bacteria might be able to kill cancer cells.

Although it isn’t completely harmless to your healthy cells, the less-dangerous, modified Salmonella bacteria enters your body and the cancer cells, where it begins to divide rapidly and turn toxic, destroying the cancer cells.

According to medicaldaily.com “After all of these alterations, the strain was then able to enter a mouse with tumors without hurting the mouse’s healthy cells, was able to colonize tumors, and would enter cancer cells and turn toxic.”